Water Pollution Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Sample Essay On Water Pollution

Water pollution is as a result of the introduction of either chemical or biological pollutants into large water basins such as the oceans, rivers and the lakes. These pollutants degrade the quality of the water and can even lead to the death of marine mammals. The main point of focus on this essay is on the chemical pollutants of water in the rivers and the swamps in the surrounding environment. Some of the causes of the chemical pollution include the fertilizers, pesticides, metals and the solvent works from industries and petroleum. The petroleum contaminates the water through the oil spills when the ship splits.

This oil can cause the death of thousands of the aquatic life in the oceans and in the sea. Water is regarded as the body of life and the main reason as to why I chose the chemical pollutants is because they are the most dangerous pollutants in the environment. Without much further prevention towards this pollutant it can cause the death of fishes, destruction of agriculture and even the death of the organisms leaving in the soil.

The water system I chose is the lake and the rivers. This is because the lakes and the rivers are the basins that surround us in the environment. They are the water systems that are mostly used by many individuals. Some of the use include, fishing purposes, swimming purpose, boat riding and scuba diving. When the pesticides are used in large quantities in agriculture, they move into the nearby lake or river which leads to water pollution. The industrial wastes such as the metal works are being disposed off into the lakes. This in turn causes lack of oxygen for the fishes in the lakes and rivers that can lead to their deaths. (Calhoun, Y., & Seideman, D. (2005).

Chemical pollutants have been strongly addressed both via the internet and the news. There was an incident of the acidic rain in the year 1963 both on the internet on the television news. The acidic rain occurred in the northern parts of America around the Hubbard brook

Experimental forest. The forest is around the white mountains of the New Hampshire. The rain collected there had a ph of 3.7. This form of chemical pollution as a result caused some effects on the surrounding communities. The acid rain led to the acidification of the lakes and the rivers in the surrounding communities. This in turn led to the damage of the trees and the sensitive forest soil. The acid rain also caused the decay of the building materials such as the irreplaceable buildings, the paints in the buildings and the sculpture of the building. ( Selendy, J. M. H. (2011)

Chemical pollutants have an impact on the health of many people in the surrounding communities. The chemical health effects may start appearing either immediately after the exposure or after several weeks or months. Fish in the rivers and the lakes is one of the major exposed food products to chemical pollution that can have a health impact on an individual. Fish may be a cause of food poisoning to many people in the environment when consumed. It is advised that when wanting to purchase fish, an individual should get it from trusted sources and reduce on the consumption of fish.

Spaces which are confined are exposed to chemical pollution and may have serious health issues. This is because they accumulate toxic gases which have a fatal health effect to an individual that is inside the space. When inhaled can even lead to death. It is always advised to aerate the spaces such as warehouse and storage rooms before storing food products and other types of products. Most people are usually encouraged by the doctors to take fruits and green vegetables for healthy living. With the production of commercial foods, research has shown that traces of pesticides that are used in the crops can have their way into the food system and into the body of the consumers. This can lead to the disruption of the functioning of the hormone. They disrupt the endocrine system which detects and reacts to the hormones present in the body. The area that is mostly affected is the reproductive health and foetal development. In the males the hormones that is affected is the androgens (testosterone) which controls the male characteristics. ( Simeonov, L., & Hassanien, M. A. (2009).

The well known prevention measure of the chemical pollution in the environment is utilization. This refers to the situation where the chemical pollutants such as the metals from the industries are transformed into a potentially useful product that is less toxic and friendly to the environment. This will help prevent water pollution in the rivers and the lakes. When metallic wastes are disposed off into the rivers and the lakes, they reduce the oxygen concentration in the rivers and the lakes which leads to the death of aquatic animals. To enforce the prevention measure, the government must impose legislations where any person or industry that is found disposing wastes into the rivers and the lakes, must either be sentenced to jail or pay a fine. Another measure is to increase on the awareness of the importance of rivers and lakes and how the wastes such as the metals and the solvents form the industries can be recycled and reused again. Sharma, (S. K., & Sanghi, R. (2012)

Prevention refers to the measures taken on how to control on the rate of pollution in the environment. When safe precautionary measures are kept in place, the rate of water pollution will be very low. This has implies that water will be safe for use in different fields and the aquatic life will have a stable supply of oxygen in the waters. Legislations must be kept in place to safe guard on the water. Water is considered as life and without water we cannot survive. Water is used for cooking, quenching the thirst of people, washing clothes, production of products in an industry and for the purpose of recreation. When we control on the rate of chemical pollution in the waters, the level of water in the rivers and the lakes will increasing and the water will be safe for use.


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