National Football League USA Essay Examples & Outline

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National football league

National football league is the highest professional American football league. The league is made up of two league divisions each with sixteen teams. The league is organized in a manner such that it runs from May to December. American football conference and national football conference are the two divisions that make up the national football league. NFL is a nonprofit organization at the corporate level whose main agenda is organizing the league.

Therefore, the organization is not liable to income taxes. Main contributions for the running of the daily affairs of the club come from the 32 member teams. However, the teams pay taxes since they actually make profits in each season from attendance and product endorsements. Being a trade association the league has a lean management system with only three defined managers. Each of the division or conference has president.

Member teams elect the commissioner who later select the other two officials. Quorum needed to elect a president is two-thirds or eighteen depending on whichever is greater (Feinstein, 2005). Conference presidents are elected by the members of the conference by three quarter of the total affirmative votes.

There are various issues that are bound to affect the performance of the organization. The nature of the activities taken in the organization has a large bearing on the issues that affect its performance. One of the most plausible source of controversy on the performance of the organization is a commitment that it has on the safety of all the people that are involved in it. Most of the players take thousands of hits to the head, but they are never taken care of. This leads to eventual death of the players  (Oriard, 2007).

The government regulations on the health of all the sportsmen may affect the organization since there may be demands for the creation of a better and direct approach to the treatment and safety. Marketing of the league is important since it determines the success of the teams that participate in it and that of the NFL. Failure to market the games will lead to low returns.

The final issue that may affect the organization touches on the issue of discipline. As the oversight authority, NFL has the responsibility that incidences of indiscipline such as drug use and match fixing are handled accordingly. Its ability to dispense its authority in such matters will eventually affect the perceptions of the people on its ability to manage the league.

There are various stakeholders groups in the NFL. Some of them are direct as it is the case for the players and the team. The limelight always rests on the most visible stakeholders in the league. However, most of the people miss out on the other section of stakeholders who are always silent and hidden from the cameras. Bars and restaurants that screen the games make up a significant part of the stakeholders.

Bars make significant sales on the game nights since the games attract crowds hence driving up the sales. In most of the game nights, the bars make ten times what they make in their normal days. Fantasy football companies also have most of their interests vested in the events that take place in the league (Gray & Gray, 1997). Fantasy football is a major industry with a market capitalization estimated at approximately 800 million dollars. There are over 25 million players per year. In the event that the league does to materialize, the companies that have vested interests in fantasy football will be out of business.

The third salient stakeholder in the operations of the NFL is the sponsors for the teams. Most of the companies have come to acknowledge the fact that football is the best mover of products (Feinstein, 2005). Therefore, large companies jostle to earn tickets to sponsorship of the main teams. The ability of the companies to use the football games as the drivers for sales is dependent on the actual occurrence of the league.

Therefore, the activities of the NFL in the management of the league are pertinent to the team sponsors. The creation of a smooth mechanism for the games makes sponsorship as a means of product promotion viable to all the companies that may wish to use the mode  (Oriard, 2007). NFL has the role of ensuring that the league organization is carried out in the right manner. Due to the lucrative nature of the sponsorship and the promise vested in the league sponsors, there are often instances of disputes over the process followed in awarding sponsorship contracts. NFL has the duty of mediating the above conflicts and in the event that it fails to carry out this mandate in the expected manner, there are instances of dissonance (Feinstein, 2005).

The primary stakeholders in the NFL include the management and teams. The management of the NFL has the power to oversee the operations of the organization. Therefore, the ability of the teams to attain the expected goals and sustain the development is dependent on the power of the management to carry out the plans laid out.

Provision of a clear direction

Management has the role of ensuring that the goals of the organization are laid out and understood by all the people. Increasing the financial performance of NFL is mainly the responsibility of the management. Planning on how to execute the goals and actual formulation of a financial plan for the organization rests on the management. If the management has an innovative approach on how to raise funds for the organization, there is a high likelihood that the company will be able to attain and surpass the goals that it has.

Strategic management is also called for since all actions that the organization officials’ take have a direct or indirect financial ramification  (Oriard, 2007). The management out to create a strategic approach and adhere to the plan in order for it to improve on the finical performance.

Prompt contributions by the teams

Being a nonprofit organization, NFL relies entirely on the contributions made by the teams. However, it is not guaranteed that the member teams will come forward when it comes to the contribution. Sometimes the teams make delayed contributions or even default making contributions at all  (Oriard, 2007). Failure to contribute or delays in the contributions have a negative effect on the performance of the organization since the budgeted amount is not available.

Internal vigilance

Teams have a direct interest in the activities of the NFL. Their interests in the NFL are limited to their contributions. Therefore, the ability of the teams to question the use of the contributions by the management is important (Nfl, 2014). In the event that the teams are unable to exercise internal vigilance on the use of the contributions, they may appoint auditors to investigate the nature of the investments and the validity of the uses. The management will be less inclined to fulfill its interests at the expense of those of the stakeholders when there is sufficient supervision of its actions  (Oriard, 2007).

Adherence to the rules

Recent reports in the failure of the teams to follow the rules laid out by the NFL have the power of causing heavy damage on the financial plans of the organization. The NFL may end up facing litigation liability from the above issues. NFL ought to ensure that the teams follow the rules in order for them to attract and sustain sponsorship.


In recent times, the NFL has been accused of hiding the real statistics on the head injuries sustained by the players (Pellman, Lovell, Viano & Casson, 2006). Creation of the right approach towards handling such issues that are pertinent to the members of the public is important. The fans are the customers both for the NFL and the member teams. Issues touching on their satisfaction are important since they determine the attendance levels.

Subscriptions to the teams are also dependent on the satisfaction of the public with the way that the NFL handles such issue. Therefore, increasing the transparency through interactive processes with the rest of the interested parties will determine the attendance levels to the games and subsequent financial performance. Transparency of the management operations is also important to all the stakeholders. If the management is supportive of the activities of the teams, there is a lot of ease in the management of the individual teams (Nfl, 2014). This means that there will be few incidences when the teams will be facing bankruptcy suits.

The main controversy that has been plaguing the company has been the head injuries incident. Most of the influential players in the majority of the teams have suffered from various injuries to their heads. Many fans suppose that the organization knew that the players had injuries, but it allowed them to play. This controversy has ended up tarnishing the image of NFL since most of the people associate the high payments made to the players with risk.

The priority of the organization on the issue of risk has been questioned from the above issue. Fans are often attached to the players such that any event that happens affecting them affects them. The sentimental nature of the attachment aggrieves them when the players are treated in an improper manner (Nfl, 2014). NFL management ought to ensure that the issues on the health of the players is looked into and injured players should not be forced to play. In addition to this, the management ought to disclose the statistics on the players that have succumbed to head injuries sustained during their active careers.

Coalition plan

1. Research into the activities of the NFL management that affect all the stakeholders

2. Outline the past responses of the management to the stakeholder grievances.

3. Identification of the issues that are still controversial.

4. Floating the suggestion on the coalition

5. Dealing with the resistance

6. Submitting a new draft on the coalition

7. Effecting the laid out agenda

The main approach used in the identification of the stakeholders is the degree of interests that they have on the actions of the management at NFL. Fundamental equality is important in the creation of collaboration among the target groups. In order to foster the collaboration of other stakeholders, the team leader will indicate the anticipated gains of forming a stakeholder coalition.

There are various challenges that one anticipates when dealing with a group. The main source of disputes when dealing with groups of people comes from the mistrust. One of the anticipated problems will be convincing the members that the deal will be beneficial to them in a collective manner. This is bound to be an issue since the stakeholders have the notion that they have to work in isolation away from the other stakeholder groups.

This is the case since most of the stakeholders may have coinciding interests that they would like to maximize on their own. Therefore, the creation of the right approach to the issue of mistrust among the stakeholders will be required for the initiative to be successful. The second problem could arise from the coordination of the activities of the coalition. Most of the primary stakeholders are located all over the nation. Coordination of the activities of the major players will be instrumental for the success of the coalition. However, the location of the teams and other stakeholders will present the coalition with unique logistics issues.

The logistical issues will lead to the problems for the coalition. However, the management can come up with a solution to the logistic issues though it will be expensive in the long run. The final problem that will be facing the coalition is the divided loyalties. Most of the stakeholders have other unions that they are allied to. Dealing with such stakeholders will present unique issues since they are limited by their other loyalties.


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