West Central Georgia Free Essay Samples & Outline

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Essay on West Central Georgia

1. What are the national and international forces at work in West Central Georgia?

International labor markets often offer lower wages and consequently, they are taking away jobs from West Central Georgia. The United States has an extremely high minimum wage as compared to many other countries in the world. Further, when it comes to the textile industry, the workers that are needed are low-skilled and consequently, these workers can be able to be gotten in other countries. These countries are in need for employment and consequently, when American companies come knocking most of them offer extremely cheap labor, and this means more profit for the American Textile companies.

Most of the textile industries in the area are closing down in the hope of getting the same services being offered in countries abroad at cheaper prices. The national economy is changing from the low-skilled jobs which it cannot compete with other countries and focusing on high skilled employment. This is because the American Economy is being powered currently by high skilled workers and the service industry and consequently, the place for low-skilled workers is running out each and every day. Therefore, the international forces that are work in West Central Georgia is the international labor market, and the national forces include a changing economy from low-skilled workers to high skilled workers.

2. Who are the important actors in the West Central Georgia case?

There are several important actors in the West Central Georgia case. These actors influence the livelihood of the people that exist in West Central Georgia as well as their economy. The first actor is the textile industries. It is important to recognize that the region that is West Central Georgia can be described as a historic textile-dependent local economy. Therefore, most of the people in the area depend on the textile industry for their livelihood.

Therefore, the magnitude of the impact that the textile industry has on the people in the area cannot be underestimated. It is of the essence to perceive that indeed this is the reason as to why the textile factories are the first main actors in West Central Georgia. By closing down and taking their business elsewhere, these companies are devastating the economy of West Central Georgia. This is because the economy is totally dependent on the textile industry in the area.

Another Important actor is the strength of Columbus economy. The area is experiencing phenomenal growth and it is in the South of the West Central region. There is the intention of building of the U.S military base Fort Benning which will employ around 14,000 civilians when it is fully operational. There is also the planned opening of the national headquarters of the insurance provider AFLAC and lastly a KIA auto manufacturing plant. Therefore, this might indeed bolster the economy of West Central Georgia by replacing the jobs that have been lost because of the textile industries in the area.

3. What are the main assets in West Central Georgia?

The first main asset is the population, West Central Georgia is blessed with a large population and consequently, this means that indeed that there is a large labor workforce. For example, Troup According to the U.S Census Bureau had around 27,652 persons. Further, the fact that the region’s population is diversifying is also of importance because it will increase a mixture of talent.

There is a fast-growing Latino people in the area as well as larger Black/African American population as compared to the national average. Another asset is the proximity to Columbus. Columbus has an extremely fast growing economy and consequently, this will undoubtedly pour into West Central Georgia. Columbus intends to be the home to a U.S military base Fort, National headquarters of a national insurance provider by the name of AFLAC and a new KIA auto manufacturing plant. Therefore, this proximity will undoubtedly help West Central Georgia as it will see an increase in revenue.

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Further, West Central Georgia is also working to spec its buildings in order to entice KIA suppliers, as well as other important related businesses into the area. Lastly, another important asset that West Central Georgia has is the fact that has a strong local government that sees ahead, for example, trying to ensure that the buildings in the area are built to standard in order to ensure that business that comes from Columbus comes to the area. Further, they have also been able to mitigate the unemployment situation very well and ensured that indeed every person in the area remains hopeful for a better future. This is important as it gives people motivation to think and even start their businesses.

4. What is the role of the national and state governments in West Central Georgia's development and what role should local government have in the strategic plan for the development of West Central Georgia?

The National and state government should ensure that they keep an eye on the Textile industries. They should not just let the industries die; this is because the textile industry is indeed the background of West Central Georgia. The National and State government should inject capital into these textile industries in order to ensure their expansion and this means that they will be able to operate at large capacities, and it will be remarkably difficult for them to close abruptly down. Further, the National and State government should set up a clear and well-defined unemployment fund for the residents of West Central Georgia that have already lost their jobs.

This will ensure that the poverty levels in the area do not descend into deplorable conditions. Lastly, the National and state government should work hand in hand in order to ensure that the education levels as West Central Georgia increases and there is a high level of skilled labor getting out from the area as compared to the current status.

The local government should create a conducive environment for investors by removing bureaucracy and ensuring that it is extremely easy for investors to open their businesses in the area. The regulations should be kept reasonable. Secondly, there is a need to focus on the infrastructure of the area in order to ensure that they tap the businesses from other areas and they become the area of choice when it comes to entertainment and business. This will make it simpler for big companies to set their headquarters in the area and move ahead and introduce more business and employment to the people of West Central Georgia.

5. What planning approaches does West Central Georgia seem to be using? There are several international forces that are at work in.

There are several approaches that West Central Georgia seems to be using. The first is that there is the sprucing up of buildings in the area in order to entice more businesses. This has especially been done because of the fast growing economy of Columbus. The area is intended to be a hub, and consequently West Central Georgia does not want to be left underdeveloped when it comes to the growth and development that is about to take place in the area. This is the reason as to why it is focusing on infrastructure development and ensures that it indeed has a place in the economic growth of the area. Another approach that West Central Georgia is using is the elimination of bureaucracy in the business opening process.

This has been done in order to lure more businesses and investors in the area. It is of the essence to understand that in many cases, Investors often want to open their businesses where there are no many restrictions and bureaucracies. Consequently, this is one of the approaches that West Central Georgia has decided to take in order to increase business in the area.

There are no international forces that are work when it comes to the planning approach. However, the international labor market has changed the original plan of West Central Georgia. It can be said that it still does not play any role when it comes to the planning approach of West Central Georgia. There is the transformation of the West Central Georgia, and it can be said that indeed there will be an increase in businesses and jobs in the area in the near future.


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